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Perfect sound is not something that can be taken for granted but is, rather, a scientific process in which you get closer and closer to the final goal a step at a time until it is eventually reached. This is precisely our mission. 

We develop first-class products with a lot of passion and even more scientific expertise. We see the result in the constantly accurate measurement curves produced in the test laboratory and the outstanding appraisals given by the specialist press. 

Above all, though, we hear this every time one of our favourite songs emerges from a Magnat loudspeaker. That´s why we take our work very seriously at Magnat and also really enjoy doing it We want your favourite music to sound just as it did when it was recorded.  To this end, all of our products are state-of-the-art .

And we don´t rest on our laurels: At Magnat, every loudspeaker and electronic product is tested, improved, optimised and adapted as needed. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive perfection when they decide to buy a Magnat product. Music as it really sounds, action films as you experience them at the cinema, passion for the perfect sound - that´s what we incorporate into every one of our products.

With scientific knowledge and unique expertise, we guarantee that each of our products is designed, from the initial concept to the production process, to produce the perfect sound. You can see, hear and feel the result in every speaker and electronic product bearing the Magnat seal of approval.

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Magnat Cinema Ultra THX

This is as compact, flexible and powerful in sound as THX Ultra2 gets. 



Even the THX specialists themselves were amazed and had to heap praise on us in the end: The LCR 100-THX front loudspeaker of the Magnat Cinema Ultra system is the first in the world to have been awarded the strict THX Ultra2 licence – although it was designed for both horizontal and vertical operation. And on account of it also being one of the most compact front/centre loudspeakers ever certified, one of our most important objectives has therefore already been achieved: maximum set-up flexibility.

As a reminder: Hidden behind THX Ultra2 are by far the toughest conditions ever established for home cinemas by THX. This concerns not only the optimum dispersion characteristics of the front and effect speakers but, rather, also sheer volume. For example, Ultra2 requires a level ability of 117 decibels in the bass range - corresponding to thunder in the immediate vicinity. Our Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX system subwoofers meet these requirements effortlessly; the front and rear speakers of the system have also been developed to ensure level stability and extremely low distortion. A gripping action film with spectacular bass ranges sounds absolutely realistic with the Cinema Ultra system. You will be able to hear and even feel every detail - promise!



But an awful lot of technical effort was needed to achieve this. For example, we have developed what is probably the biggest tweeter cone in the world with a diameter of 42 millimetres. Only with this could the strict guidelines regarding large band width and freedom from distortion be implemented. The Cinema Ultra 100-THX front loudspeaker is fitted with one of these world record tweeters, while the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX dipole effect speakers have two of them! However, the 17 cm subwoofer with its aluminium-ceramic diaphragm (used in the front and the effect speakers) and the 32 cm high-performance bass of the subwoofer are also new developments, with their low-distortion qualities setting new standards. And you can hear it immediately: The acoustic patterns are stress-free, rich in detail and outstandingly transparent even at very high levels. That is why music in stereo format also sounds so incredibly good with Cinema Ultra.

All of the Cinema Ultra enclosures have stylishly unobtrusive surfaces – our "stealth look". In a home cinema, the speakers should attract attention by producing the best sound, not because of shiny surfaces. For this reason, we have avoided reflecting surfaces and also paid attention to the little things: even our Magnat metal logos do not have a bright aluminium finish but, rather, a subtle brushed titanium look.



The huge flexibility of the Cinema Ultra even applies to the playback of Dolby Atmos recordings. Dolby Atmos is based on a large number of additional virtual channels and represents a major step towards perfect 3D surround sound. For this playback process, we have, with the Cinema Ultra AEH 400-Atmos, developed a compact coaxial loudspeaker that implements Dolby´s guidelines in relation to dispersion characteristics to the letter. Four of these add-on loudspeakers turn our "simple" THX Ultra2 system into a Dolby Atmos configuration. And the sound really is breathtaking: And, given the right type of recording, spatial depth and height become literally tangible. 

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Magnat Monitor Supreme