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Norstone Jura RCA Sub Cable 2M

Norstone Jura RCA Sub Cable 2M

SKU: 3700795183649

Norstone Jura RCA Sub Cable 2M... 1 year warranty


NorStone's Sub Jura RCA Sub Jura cable has been designed to efficiently transmit the infrabass from the amplifier to the subwoofer. Pure OFC copper ensures optimal quality and allows you to enjoy perfect sound.


Highlights :

- For subwoofer

- Silver-plated contacts

- Silver-plated OFC copper conductors


NorStone Jura RCA SUB (2 m)

The NorStone Jura RCA SUB cable is specifically designed to connect a subwoofer to the LFE output of a home theater amplifier or the pre-out output of a Hi-Fi amplifier.


NorStone Jura RCA SUB: 99.999% Pure OFC Copper Silver-Plated

Composed of 99.999% pure OFC copper conductors plated with silver, the NorStone Jura RCA SUB cable ensures optimal signal transmission. Minimal distortion guarantees a natural and clear reproduction of low frequencies.


NorStone Jura RCA SUB: Triple Isolation

The NorStone Jura RCA SUB subwoofer cable features triple insulation to prevent interference with surrounding electronics and radio frequencies.

  • Specifications

    • RCA Cable
    • Contact: Silver Plating
    • Conductors: OFC Copper
    • Section: 2 x 2 mm²
    • Insulation: Aluminum Foil + Braided Sheath
    • Cable Diameter: 8 mm
    • Plug Diameter: 12 mm
    • Impedance: 75 ohms
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