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In your living room or in a dedicated room, the Home Cinema brings you the pleasure of cinema at home

When it comes to home theater, sound is as important as picture, if not more so. You should know that the ear hears more information than the eye sees. In addition, a quality sound underlines the action, subjectively gives the image more readability. It is no coincidence that the cinema industry is constantly improving the quality of the audio tracks of DVD and Blu-ray films, and that the manufacturers of home cinema amplifiers, Blu-ray players, players UHD-4K Blu-ray or speakers do the same. To enjoy sound similar to that of cinemas with the latest movies in high definition, you will need to acquire at least a home theater amplifier, a Blu-ray disc player or network player AV and 5 speakers that will benefit from being supported by a subwoofer.

Home theater amplifier


The choice of a home theater amplifier depends on several criteria. It must be adapted to the characteristics of your listening room, your speakers, as well as your acoustic preferences. For peaceful listening in a living room of less than 20 m², a so-called 5.1 amplifier, capable of decoding the high definition audio tracks Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD will allow you to enjoy a pleasant multi-channel atmosphere. However, a move upmarket makes it possible to very concretely improve the quality of the sound reproduced thanks to more powerful electronic components. Self-leveling and equalizing the sound output from the speakers using a microphone, or distributing a 5.1 or 7.1 stereo signal are very effective comfort functions for enjoying more realistic sound. High-end home cinema amplifiers, although intended to power large speakers and produce a high acoustic level in a dedicated room, can perfectly officiate in the living room: who can do the most, can do the least! Finally, a connection to the home network allows access to multimedia content from a NAS or a computer, as well as Internet radios, while opening up the possibility of controlling the amplifier with a smartphone or a tablet.

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AV network players


Network players allow remote access (streaming) to multimedia files (photo, music, video) contained on your computer to play them on your stereo or on your TV. To connect to your local network, these network players use either a WiFi wireless link or a wired RJ45 Ethernet link, which also gives them access to web radios or podcasts. The most successful models offer good hi-fi quality with a wireless link.