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Heco Ambient Sub 88F Active Subwoofer

Heco Ambient Sub 88F Active Subwoofer

SKU: 4029678670465

Heco Ambient Sub 88F Active Subwoofer... 5-years warranty for HECO HiFi speakers and a 2-years warranty for HECO HiFi-electronic components.


Main Features:

  • Active subwoofer with 200 mm cone and downfire arrangement
  • High-performance power amplifier with Class D technology
  • Active frequency response equalization
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • A wall restraint is available for vertical installations
  • Finish: Silk-matt black 


The range of elegant wall-mounted speakers is complemented by the Ambient 88F active subwoofer, featuring a powerful and energy-efficient Class D power amplifier and a rich 8-inch woofer up to 24 Hz. Despite this, it still has very compact dimensions for easy wall mounting. This is further facilitated by a mounting system with maximum simplicity for vertical or horizontal placement. However, nothing stands in the way of placing it on the floor as it also has legs.


The 88F has basic controls such as volume control and cut-off frequency, which will certainly make it easier to match it to your system.

  • Specifications

    Principle  Active compact subwoofer 
    Equipment.  200 mm woofer. 
    Load capacity (RMS/MAX.)  125 / 250 watts. 
    Frequency range:  24-150Hz 
    Cut-off frequenc  50 - 150 Hz, adjustable. 
    Dimensions:  380 x 160 x 500 mm. 
    Weight:  9 kg.
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