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TONEWINNER AT-7300HD AV Processor / Dolby Atmos 13 Channels 7.2.4

TONEWINNER AT-7300HD AV Processor / Dolby Atmos 13 Channels 7.2.4

SKU: 6942550300374

TONEWINNER AT-7300HD AV Processor / Home-Theater Preamplifier Dolby Atmos 13 Channels 7.2.4... 2 years warranty


Key Features :

  • HDMI 2.1 Inputs and Outputs
  • Compatible with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
  • Pre-amplification for 13 channels
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified


Founded in 1992 in the Middle Kingdom, Tonewinner initially specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-end audio components. Quickly recognized by major players in the audiophile sphere for the quality of its designs and technical mastery, Tonewinner has secretly contributed to the success of numerous brands, including Advance Paris, Nuforce, and Emotiva. Building on these years of experience, Tonewinner now offers its own equipment. Its approach is simple: to provide exceptional performance at competitive prices. This commitment is something only the global audio factory can honor.


The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema preamp is designed for comprehensive installations with its 13 channels or 7.2.4 channels in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This home cinema processor elevates all your video sources with its HDMI 2.1 inputs compatible with UHD 4K and HDR content in HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. With its powerful calibration system paired with fully customizable equalization, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD preamp ensures an optimal listening experience with any home cinema setup.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema preamplifier adopts carefully selected and oversized components to reduce distortion and enhance musicality. These components are paired with an audio processor capable of decoding numerous audio formats, including the latest ones like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It can decode and pre-amplify these formats on up to 13 channels, making it easy to design your preferred home cinema system, such as 7.2.4, 9.2.2, or 5.2.6 setups, for example. Additionally, it features Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X surround virtualization technologies capable of producing spatialized sound virtually with 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1 speaker configurations, even from stereo programs.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: Automatic Calibration

The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema processor features a state-of-the-art auto-calibration system. Using the Tonewinner ETM-2 microphone (sold separately), the preamplifier can take measurements to understand the acoustic properties of the room and speakers. Based on this data, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD preamplifier can adjust its output, as well as that of the associated power amplifier, taking into account any acoustic imperfections in the listening room, including any subwoofers. This ensures optimal listening experiences, whether in hi-fi or home cinema setups. For further customization, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD processor offers a comprehensive equalizer allowing you to make your own adjustments for each input.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: UHD 4K HDR

The video section of the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD preamplifier consists of six HDMI inputs and two outputs, all compliant with the HDMI 2.1 standard and supporting HDCP 2.2 copy protection to ensure compatibility with the latest sources. All inputs and outputs are compatible with 4K video streams up to 60 fps. Support for HDR10+, HDR10, and Dolby Vision programs is also included, allowing for an extended dynamic range and maximum detail in both dark and bright areas of a scene.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: Comprehensive Connectivity

The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD processor is designed to be at the heart of a high-end home cinema system. To achieve this, it features an ultra-comprehensive set of connections to accommodate all your sources. It boasts no less than six HDMI 2.1 inputs and two HDMI outputs, including one eARC-compatible output for retrieving the audio track from the program being watched on the associated TV or projector.


With its numerous analog and digital inputs, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD preamplifier easily integrates with all the sources in a complete home cinema system. The audio section is equally well-equipped, featuring three RCA analog inputs. Four digital inputs (two optical and two coaxial) are also available for connecting a CD/SACD player or any other digital audio source. Finally, the pre-amplification section offers 11.2 RCA pre-out outputs and 11.2 XLR pre-out outputs, making it easy to pair with any power amplifier.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: Karaoke Functions

In addition to its audio inputs, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema preamplifier features three RCA inputs and three XLR inputs specifically designed for karaoke use. With a simple press of the remote control, you can activate predefined karaoke sound effects and reverb treatments. For microphone connections, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD processor has two inputs compatible with wireless microphones, perfect for livening up your evenings between movie sessions.


Tonewinner AD 7300 HD: Music Streaming

Thanks to its integrated Bluetooth controller, the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema processor allows you to easily listen to music streamed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also enjoy tracks stored on a memory card or USB drive. The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD preamplifier supports playback of most formats, including Hi-Res titles. Additionally, you can access music services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora through the Tonewinner AD 7300 HD's mobile app.


The Tonewinner AD 7300 HD home cinema preamplifier provides a cinematic experience that closely rivals that of movie theaters while also delivering musicality worthy of the best hi-fi setups. It's a solid choice.


    Design Features

    • 13-channel home cinema preamplifier
    • Automatic calibration (microphone not included)
    • Customizable equalizer for each input
    • Karaoke function
    • TF card and USB playback
    • Mobile control app
    • Bluetooth receiver
    • Compatible with Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora

    Supported Audio Formats

    • Dolby Atmos
    • Dolby True HD
    • Dolby Digital Plus
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Mat
    • DTS/X
    • DTS Master
    • DTS Hi-Res
    • DTS ES
    • DTS NEO6

    Supported Video Formats

    • 4K UHD 60Hz
    • 3D
    • Dolby Vision
    • HDR10 / HDR10+
    • HLG


    • 6x HDMI 2.1 inputs
    • 2x HDMI 2.1 outputs
    • 11.2 RCA pre-out output
    • 11.2 XLR pre-out output
    • 3x RCA line inputs
    • 3x RCA inputs for karaoke
    • 3x XLR inputs for karaoke
    • 2x optical inputs
    • 2x coaxial inputs
    • 1x trigger output
    • 1x RS232 port
    • 1x link port

    Included Accessories

    • Remote control
    • Power cable
    • Quick installation guide

    General Information

    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 130 x 330 mm
    • Weight: 5.5 kg

    Test Tonewinner AD 7300 HD + AD 7300 PA +

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