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Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.

Sound is our number one priority
We have no needs for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.

We always strive to be authentic
We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as the musical instrument would be playing in your room.




Just push play

Introducing the world's most intelligent wireless music system


Dynaudio is world-famous for making handcrafted high-end loudspeakers for living rooms and pro recording studios. We think you should be able to get that kind of quality at any level, so we’ve engineered the products in our brand-new range of wireless speaker systems with the same attention to detail (and love of music) that’s driven us since the very beginning.

Dynaudio Music provides one-touch simplicity. It adapts seamlessly (and automatically) to any room or position, and to surrounding noise levels – so your music always sounds its best. It even gives you personalized playlists of all the music you love with Music Now. All at the touch of a button.


Dynaudio Emit 5.1

Like its Danish compatriot, DALI, Dynaudio specialises in high-end, high-performance speaker systems, most of which you’d need to remortgage the house to afford. But with this Emit 5.1-channel surround package, Dynaudio has its sights set on the more affordable end of the market.


Admittedly, north of three grand might not be everyone’s idea of affordable. But according to Dynaudio, this “entry-level” high-end system outguns rival systems in its class, bringing the company’s technical expertise and high-calibre craftsmanship to a lower price point.


Evoke is for you. It’s for living rooms. Home cinema rooms. Listening rooms. Even bedrooms. It’s serious hi-fi, everywhere.

This brand-new speaker range takes advanced technology directly from our top-of-the-range speakers – including finishes, driver technology and design. And that means each of the five Evoke models can vibe with you, grow with you, and stay with you – however you listen.

Every single part has been looked at from the ground up. Every driver has been optimised in Dynaudio's state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring lab. And every finish has been painstakingly formulated and executed to reflect those on our most exclusive speakers.

Music should last a lifetime. With Evoke, it will.

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Xeo 30 wins first place in 2019

Germany’s Golden Ear awards Dynaudio's Xeo 30 with a gold medal in the category of best wireless floorstand speaker.

The readers of the leading print magazine Stereoplay voted for the best products of the year 2018/19 and pushed our Xeo 30 to the top with 34.5% of all votes.

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Xeo 10



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