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ZIDOO NEO S 4K HI-END MEDIA PLAYER... 1 year warranty


NEO S is a new product which is all-round, high-performance and cost-effective Provide excellent audio and video quality to users NEO S is an all-in-one device with functions like HiFi music digital decoding, streaming playback, headphone amplifier functions and movie playback NEO S inherits NEO X's craftsmanship with aluminum thickened chassis and 5-inch OLED Built in with SSD, dual ES9068 DAC, dual digital/analog power supply modules and toroidal power supply.


Strong points : 


  • 4K UHD, 60Hz, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Visdion and HLG,
  • Aluminum chassis, 12.70 cm OLED touch screen,
  • Dual ESS Saber ES9068 audiophile converter,
  • Built-in 256 GB SSD,
  • Separate digital and analog power supply,
  • Streaming and smartphone app,
  • Backlit Bluetooth remote control


  • Wonderful craftsmanship

    Solid chassis with aluminum alloy CNC structure


  • Anti-vibration design

    • Resonance suppressing stiffener structure
    • Shock-absorbing foot pads
  • Technological aesthetics

    • Beautiful modular professional circuit design
    • Unique shielding treatment
  • High Speed SSD

    NEO S is equipped with a 256G high speed SSD for local music playback. High-quality music files can be easily stored, data reading is stable and fast. Heating and noise problem of traditional mechanical hard disk can be avoided

  • OLED Touch Screen

    The 5-inch OLED high-definition colorful touch screen is beautiful embedded full-screen design. Practical operations can be done with the collaboration of knobs, such as audio source switching, volume adjustment, system setting and playback status display

  • Fever grade dual ES9068 DAC

    NEO S firstly uses two ES9068 DAC as the core of audio decoding. Two-channel audio is decoded independently to avoid interference and get better SNR and dynamic range. Supporting up to DSD512, PCM768@32bit and three-layer 8 times expanded MQA encoding format hardware decoding.

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