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Norstone Speaker cable  CL250 Classic (1 m)

Norstone Speaker cable CL250 Classic (1 m)

₨145.00 Regular Price
₨140.65Sale Price

Speaker cable NorStone CL250  - (Price per meter)


Choosing a speaker cable is strategic: it ensures that all the information transmitted by the source is accurately and completely transmitted to the speakers. The Classic range cables are made of 99.99% OFC copper. They are as comfortable with micro-information as they are with high power. The shape of the sleeves (round and rectangular) allows the polarity to be easily identified. The CL250 Classic is the ideal cable for small column speakers and bookshelf or surround speakers in hi-fi or home theater systems.


    • Conductor : OFC 99,999
    • Resistance : 0,008 Ω/m
    • Capacitance : 55,530 pF/m
    • Cross-section : 2x2,5mm2
  • 3% Discount

    3% Discount applicable for online orders or in-store purchases subject to payment by bank transfer/Juice or cash.

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