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Norstone Arran RCA (0,6m / 1.5m)

Norstone Arran RCA (0,6m / 1.5m)

₨1,685.00 Regular Price
₨1,600.75Sale Price

The NorStone Arran RCA cable is a modulation cable designed to allow you to connect a network player, a CD player, or even an audio DAC to a hi-fi amplifier or home theater amplifier. Composed of quality materials and benefiting from a meticulous design, the Norstone Arran RCA cable ensures optimal transmission of the audio signal and allows a beautiful reproduction of frequencies from one end of the sound spectrum to the other.


Using a central core of large section in 99.999% pure tinned deoxygenated copper, protected by a triple shielding as well as a thick braided sheath in order to effectively protect the signal against electromagnetic interference, the NorStone Arran RCA modulation cable is also Features solid aluminum plugs and 24K gold-plated connectors for perfect contact. Specially designed for optimal high frequency transmission, NorStone Arran RCA cable delivers detailed highs without being overly bright, while maintaining good balance across the spectrum. The bass is well articulated and the mids are finely reproduced.



The NorStone Arran RCA interconnect cable is triple shielded for optimal isolation.

The NorStone Arran RCA modulating cable provides clear and detailed sound reproduction, notably thanks to an open and noise-free soundstage. Ideal to replace the original RCA cable of your electronics, the NorStone Arran RCA modulating cable ensures optimal operating conditions for the devices constituting your hi-fi or home cinema installation.

  • Features

    • RCA male to RCA male modulation cable
    • Aluminum plugs
    • 24K gold plated contacts
    • 99.999% pure tinned OFC copper conductor
    • Triple insulation
    • Aluminum strip
    • Tinned copper braid
    • Braided sheath
    • Section: 0.08 mm² (28 AWG)
    • Impedance: 50 ohms
    • RoHs certified
    • Plug diameter: 12 mm
  • 5% Discount

    5% Discount applicable for online orders or in-store purchases subject to payment by bank transfer/Juice or cash.

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