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Monolith ampli 2x200w charcoal

Monolith ampli 2x200w charcoal


Monolith ampli 2x200w charcoal... 3 years warranty*


* The warranty is conditional on the use of a voltage regulator. Damage resulting from overvoltage is not covered by the warranty.


This audiophile amplifier is the result of close collaboration with a leading acoustics specialist in Mauritius, allowing us to provide a 3-year warranty with local after-sales service.


Based on a Class D IR Infineon Germany Chipset technology and equipped with high quality and generously dimensioned electronic components, it delivers a generous sound of great purity.


In demonstration in our second store of Ruisseau Creole in Black River, it will convince you during a next listening.


    • Class D amplifier based on IR Infineon Germany Chipset
    • Output Power : Each channel 150w RMS @ 8ohms 250w RMS @ 4 ohm
    • Residual Noise : 200 μV, IHF-A weighted, AES-17 filter
    • Distortion : 0.007 % THD+N @ 60W, 4 Ω
    • Efficiency : 90 % @ 150W, 8 Ω, Class D stage
    • Multiple Protection Features : Over-current protection (OCP), high side and low side MOSFET Over-voltage protection (OVP),Under-voltage protection (UVP), high side and low side MOSFET DC-protection (DCP),Over-temperature protection (OTP)
    • PWM topology : Self-oscillating PWM

    Audio Performance




    Class D


    Notes / Conditions

    THD+N, 1W

    THD+N, 10W

    THD+N, 60W

    THD+N, 100W

    0.01 %

    0.005 %

    0.005 % 0.007 %

    0.02 %

    0.007 %

    0.007 % 0.008 %

    1kHz, Single-channel driven

    Dynamic Range

    101 dB

    101 dB

    A-weighted, AES-17 filter, Single-channel operation

    Residual Noise

    200 μV

    200 μV

    22 Hz – 20kHz, AES17 filter Self-oscillating frequency 400kHz

    Channel Separation

    95 dB 85 dB 75 dB

    90 dB 80 dB 65 dB


    Frequency Response : 20 Hz- 20kHz

    20 Hz-35kHz

    ±3 dB


    Thermal Performance (TA=25 °C)



    Notes / Conditions


    TC =30 °C

    TPCB=37 °C

    No signal input

    2 ch x 31W (1/8 rated power)


    TC =54 °C

    TPCB=67 °C


    2 ch x 250W (Rated power)

    TC =80 °C

    TPCB=106 °C

    OTP shutdown after 150 s

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