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Magnat Monitor S80 ATM Black (pair)

Magnat Monitor S80 ATM Black (pair)

SKU: 810072320711

Magnat Monitor S80 ATM Black (pair)... 5 years warranty



  • Floorstanding speakers with Dolby Atmos module for the best surround sound
  • Separate connection terminals for the Atmos module
  • Use as a hi-fi speaker or as a front speaker in the home cinema


The Monitor S 80 ATM is one of the technological highlights of the series. This is of course due to the Dolby Atmos module integrated into the top. This coaxial loudspeaker, specially developed according to Dolby's guidelines, consists of a 100 mm bass-midrange speaker and a 20 mm dome tweeter. By radiating upwards, the Atmos signals reach the listeners via the reflection on the ceiling. This eliminates the need for additional speakers.

The Atmos modules have their own connection terminals and are wired to the corresponding outputs of an amplifier or receiver. If you don't have one yet, you can first use the S 80 ATM as a classic front speaker and then simply upgrade to Atmos later with new electronics. The "traditional" hi-fi part of the S 80 features two 170 mm woofers, a 110 mm midrange driver and a 28 mm dome tweeter. This is enough for a frequency spectrum from 26 to 38,000 Hz. With the Atmos module, by the way, it's also an impressive 26 to 28,000 Hz.


At 86 cm high, the S 80 has perfect dimensions, both acoustically and visually. With its cabinet in black or walnut, there is a suitable version for every living environment. The baffle has a black finish and the removable front cover made of acoustic fabric rounds off the appearance.