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Magnat Monitor S10 D

Magnat Monitor S10 D

SKU: 4018843448145

Magnat Monitor S10 D... 5 years warranty



Strong points :

  • Dipolar design
  • Triple tweeter
  • Mid/bass speakers with FE-Dynamics technology
  • Notch for wall bracket
  • Value for money/performance


Magnat S10D Black

The Magnat S10D surround speakers are 2-way dipole models designed for delivering rear and side effects in a home theater setup. To achieve this, the Magnat S10D features a mid-range/woofer speaker with FE-Dynamics technology, optimizing signal reproduction, and three tweeters. These Magnat S10D surround speakers can handle up to 120 watts RMS, offering an excellent balance between quality, price, and performance.


Magnat S10D: Dipole Speakers

The Magnat S10D surround speakers employ a dipole design. In addition to the central tweeter placed above the mid-range/woofer speaker, two other tweeters are mounted on the sides. They diffuse sound effects over a wide listening area, enhancing the immersive experience in your movies and series. Each of the three high-frequency dedicated speakers integrates a mylar dome. This material provides dynamic sound while maintaining tonal balance. Furthermore, a waveguide is placed in front of the dome for even high-frequency dispersion.


Detailed Tweeter View

The three tweeters of the Magnat S10D surround speakers feature a mylar dome and a waveguide. The waveguide ensures uniform high-frequency dispersion in space, resulting in a balanced and precise listening experience.


Magnat S10D: FE-Dynamics Technology

Within the Magnat S10D surround speakers, the 11 cm diameter mid-range/woofer speaker incorporates the proprietary FE-Dynamics technology. A ferrite coil is combined with a ventilated basket to ensure constant speaker ventilation. This system minimizes signal loss and optimizes the precision of the sound from the Magnat S10D surround speakers. As a result, the sound is dynamic, and the bass is impactful, providing depth to your listening experience and ensuring a more captivating auditory experience. The mid-range/woofer cone is made of cellulose. This membrane of the Magnat S10D surround speakers combines rigidity and lightness to efficiently move air with speed.


Detailed View of the FE-Dynamics Mid-Range/Woofer

The FE-Dynamics technology of the mid-range/woofer speaker in the Magnat S10D surround speakers ensures dynamic sound and impactful bass thanks to a ventilated basket and a cellulose membrane.


Magnat S10D: 60 Watts RMS, Wall Mount Notch

The Magnat S10D surround speakers have a nominal power handling of 60 watts RMS (up to 120 watts RMS peak). Moreover, their high sensitivity (88 dB) makes amplification straightforward. These Magnat S10D surround speakers cover a broad frequency range extending from 42 Hz to 32 kHz. Finally, a notch at the back of the speakers makes wall mounting easy, allowing you to enjoy their sound performance under optimal conditions during your home theater sessions.


In conclusion, the Magnat S10D surround speakers stand out for their high power handling and an excellent balance between quality, price, and performance. With four speakers, including three dedicated to high-frequency reproduction, they ensure a well-balanced musical reproduction with precise highs and controlled bass.

  • Technical specifications


    • 2-way di-pole rear speaker


    • 3x 1/2" dome-tweeter 110 mm woofer-midrange


    • 60 / 120 Watts


    • 88 dB


    • 42 – 32.000 Hz


    • 3.400 Hz


    • 20 - 120 Watts

    DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) : 149 x 250 x 130 mm
    WEIGHT : 2.2 kg

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