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Strong points : 


  • Motorized backrest & footrest
  • 1 refrigerated cup holder
  • 1 storage compartment in the right armrest
  • LED ambient lighting under the seat
  • 1 powered USB port


Lumene Hollywood Luxury III Black (1 seater, synthetic leather)

The Lumene Hollywood Luxury III cinema seat succeeds the Lumene Hollywood Luxury II by offering even more features. In addition to being robust and comfortable, this contemporary style cinema seat offers many very practical functions.


Lumene Hollywood Luxury III: meticulously crafted

The Lumene Hollywood Luxury III cinema seat is extremely robust thanks to its structure made of steel and elements of wood and plywood. But it is also very comfortable thanks to its skilfully studied design to make your home cinema sessions unforgettable. The upholstery of the seat, backrest and armrests is thus made from cut foam blocks. This makes it possible to maintain constant the uniformity of their structure, unlike a filling made with small foam scraps, with wicks of textile or even with feathers which end up no longer being homogeneous in the long run.


The choice of foams of different densities covering the seat, the armrests and the backrest also contribute to the comfort of this Lumene Hollywood Luxury III cinema seat. Thus, the foam with a density of 28 kg/m3 of the seat prevents you from sinking, ensuring good support. The foam in the backrest, which is more flexible (19 kg/m3), provides a soft welcome while effectively supporting the back. The backrest is also 10 centimeters higher than the previous version to provide even better support for the neck. The entire armchair can be covered with a choice of very beautiful buffalo leather, very soft to the touch, or synthetic leather (on order only for synthetic leather).


Lumene Hollywood Luxury III: Comfort Features

The Lumene Hollywood Luxury III cinema seat is designed to bring you maximum comfort during your home cinema sessions but also when you listen to music. It benefits from a backrest and a footrest that can be tilted thanks to a reliable and silent motorization. The touch control interface on the right armrest makes it possible to precisely adjust the degree of inclination but also to switch on and off the ambient lighting integrated under the armchair.

Consisting of multiple LEDs diffusing a midnight blue halo, this lighting helps maintain a slight luminosity in the room to limit eye fatigue, especially when projecting HDR videos with strong contrasts. It also allows you to find your way around the room without having to turn on the main light.


The Lumene Hollywood Luxury III movie theater seat has many other surprises in store for home movie buffs, starting with its integrated refrigerated cup holder at the end of the armrest. In addition, the crown around this cup holder which accommodates the touch control interface also has a powered USB port for recharging a smartphone or tablet. Its LED lighting can be activated or deactivated. Finally, a large storage compartment is fitted in the rear part of the right-hand armrest, allowing storage of magazines, remote controls and other accessories.


Robust and comfortable, the Lumene Hollywood Luxury III cinema seat brings you maximum comfort during your home cinema sessions, whether in your living room or in a dedicated room. It is also available in a two- and three-seater version with intermediate armrests, as well as in a Love chair version (two-seater without central armrest).



    • Structure: wood and plywood, steel
    • Material: buffalo leather or synthetic leather
    • Back and seat density: 19 kg/m3 and 28 kg/m3
    • Armrest density: 24 kg/m3
    • Foam type: cut foam

    Comfort functions

    • Reclining armchair (silent motorization)
    • High backrest for maximum comfort (+10 cm compared to LUXURY II)
    • 1 powered USB socket to charge your smartphone/tablet
    • 1 refrigerated cup holder with adjustable LED lighting
    • LED mood lighting under the armchair
    • All LEDs can be turned on or off
    • Control panel (LED and chair position)
    • 1 storage compartment in the right armrest


    • Natural buffalo leather C
    • Synthetic leather (Attention! only available on order)


    • 1 motor: backrest + footrest


    • Dimensions with straight backrest and folded footrest (WxHxD): 930 x 1070 x 970 mm
    • Dimensions with fully extended backrest and footrest (WxHxD): 930 x 620 x 1600 mm
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