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WP Tab-tension Drop Down Motorized Projection Screen 100inch

WP Tab-tension Drop Down Motorized Projection Screen 100inch


WP Tab-tension Drop Down Motorized Projection Screen 100inch (UST ALR CBSP or WHITE)... 2 years warranty


Display cinematic content any time of the day with this ALR projection screen. Measuring 100" diagonally, this screen features a 16:9 aspect ratio and a viewing area of ​​2214 x 1245mm for detailed images. Utilizing Ambient Light Rejection (ALR), this projection screen is designed for a clear picture any time of the day, thanks to 92% ambient light resistance, plus 0.7 gain and 160° wide viewing angles ensure even more clarity. support 4K content, this display is optimized for ultra-short throw projectors.

A tensioned canvas and black backing help ensure clear image quality. Designed for easy installation, the projection screen has built-in hooks for easy deployment on a wall or ceiling.


Anti-Ambient Light Design (ALR)

The toothed grid structure etched into the surface of the Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) display filters out up to 92% of ambient light, bringing vivid colors and crisp images to your home, even during the day.


Serriform microstructure

Serriform microstructure on the surface of the screen rejects ambient light from the ceiling, enhancing the contrast and color saturation of the projected images.


Big screen experience

The 100" screen features a 16:9 aspect ratio that maximizes the projection area and enhances the overall screen appearance for impact. Giant laser TV. Designed for use with ultra-short-throw projectors, this screen is optimized for 4K UHD visuals and avoids washed-out images.


Ultra-wide viewing angle

With a 160° viewing angle, you can enjoy bright, crisp, clear views anywhere in the room, whether watching movies and presentations or viewing photos.


Specifications :


- Card length : 2614mm

- Image base : 2214mm

- Picture height : 1245mm

- Drop : 300mm

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