Telon Pet Crystal screen UHD 4k Extra Bright 100inch

Telon Pet Crystal screen UHD 4k Extra Bright 100inch


These projection screens dedicated to ultra short throw video projectors are fitted with a technical canvas designed to control the scattering of light. It is most often a micro structured canvas, the surface of which has micro reliefs. This specific structure, which adopts very regular patterns, performs a dual function.


First, it directs the reflection of the light beam emitted by the video projector almost exclusively in the axis of the projection screen, towards the spectators. In doing so, it very significantly attenuates the reflection of light from the video projector on the walls and ceiling of the room. This greatly reduces a primary source of light pollution of the image, and helps maintain the darkness of the room for nighttime screenings.


In addition, these micro-reliefs on the surface of the projection screen divert light pollution from the walls and the ceiling outside the axis of the projection screen. The projection surface is almost no longer illuminated by ambient light reflections. Contrast is preserved.