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Magnat Signature 707 (unit price)

Magnat Signature 707 (unit price)


Magnat Signature 707 (unit price)...5-years warranty

High-Performance 4-Way Floorstanding Speaker


Product Description

The Magnat Signature 707 is the top model in the Signature 700 series, designed for audiophiles seeking superior sound quality. This floorstanding speaker features a sophisticated 4-way design, ensuring an extraordinary audio experience for both home cinema and high-fidelity music listening.


Key Features

  • 4-Way Design: Incorporates a dual tweeter module, a 170 mm midrange driver, and two 170 mm woofers, ensuring a wide frequency range and precise sound reproduction.
  • Hi-Res Audio Certification: Equipped with a dual fmax tweeter system, including a 30 mm dome tweeter and an additional 20 mm super tweeter, enabling playback up to 50 kHz for detailed high frequencies.
  • Ceramic-Aluminum Diaphragms: The midrange and woofers feature rigid yet lightweight ceramic-aluminum diaphragms, reducing distortion and enhancing sound clarity.
  • Bass Reflex System: Ensures deep bass performance down to an impressive 22 Hz, enhancing the overall dynamic range of the speaker.
  • Robust Construction: The cabinet is made of high-quality MDF with a sleek, satin finish and height-adjustable metal spikes for stability and acoustic decoupling.
  • Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping Capability: The solid connection terminals support bi-wiring and bi-amping, allowing for enhanced signal separation and improved audio performance.
  • Technical Specifications

    • Type: 4-way, bass reflex
    • Frequency Range: 22 Hz – 54,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 92 dB
    • RMS Power: 220 W
    • Peak Power: 380 W
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 290 x 1070 x 345 mm (including spikes)
    • Weight: 23.4 kg per speaker
    • Color Options: Black and White with high-gloss baffle and satin finish body
  • Detailed Reviews and Performance Insights

    Superior Sound Quality

    The Magnat Signature 707 delivers an exceptional sound experience, praised for its crystal-clear audio, deep bass, and well-defined mid-range. Audiophiles and reviewers highlight the speaker's ability to handle both high-resolution music and dynamic home cinema soundtracks with ease.

    One reviewer noted, "The Magnat Signature 707 delivers crystal clear audio with deep bass and well-defined mid-range. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any room. Highly recommended for audiophiles and music lovers"​ (PULT Electronics)​.

    Design and Build Quality

    The speaker's robust construction is another point of praise. The use of high-quality MDF and the sleek satin finish provide both aesthetic appeal and functional durability. The height-adjustable metal spikes ensure a secure stand and effective acoustic decoupling, minimizing unwanted vibrations and enhancing overall sound clarity.

    High-Resolution Audio

    The dual fmax tweeter system is a standout feature, providing detailed high frequencies and extending playback up to 50 kHz. This ensures that every nuance of high-resolution audio tracks is reproduced faithfully, making the Signature 707 an excellent choice for audiophiles who demand the best in sound quality.

    Versatility and Flexibility

    The Magnat Signature 707 is designed for versatility, with bi-wiring and bi-amping capabilities that allow for enhanced signal separation and improved audio performance. The solid connection terminals support these configurations, making it easy to integrate the speakers into a variety of high-end audio systems.

  • Enhance Your Audio Experience

    The Magnat Signature 707 stands out with its exceptional build quality and innovative design. The dual tweeter module ensures that high frequencies are crisp and clear, while the midrange and woofers provide robust and well-defined bass. Whether for a home cinema or a hi-fi setup, the Signature 707 offers unmatched performance and aesthetic appeal​(Productz)​​ (PULT Electronics)​​ (Muziker)​.

  • Customer Reviews

    Users and reviewers alike praise the Magnat Signature 707 for its detailed sound reproduction and stylish design. It is highly recommended for those who appreciate high-resolution audio and powerful bass performance in a sophisticated package.

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