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Heco La Diva - Audiophile legend (Unit Price)

Heco La Diva - Audiophile legend (Unit Price)


HECO La Diva - Audiophile legend...5 Years Parts & Labor HiFi Products


Heco La Diva: A Speaker of Excellence

In the realm of audio speakers, the pursuit of sound perfection is an endless quest. Heco, with its flagship product La Diva, embodies this relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Combining an aerodynamic design with unmatched technological expertise, this speaker is much more than just a loudspeaker. In this article, we delve into the world of La Diva, exploring its exceptional features that make it a true jewel in the Heco lineup.


Product availability is expected in mid-July 2024.
  • Technical Specifications

    Speaker: 3-way Bass-reflex  

    Connection Terminal: Bi-wiring and Tri-wiring capability  


    - 1x 25 mm Fluctus dome tweeter

    - 1x 170 mm midrange with AlNiCo magnet

    - 2x 200 mm woofers

    - 4x 200 mm bass radiators (lateral arrangement)


    - Efficiency: 93dB

    - Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms

    - Crossover Frequency: 290 Hz, 2,750 Hz

    - Power Handling (RMS/MAX): 300 / 550 watts

    - Recommended Amplifier Power: 30 – 550 watts

    - Frequency Range: 17 – 52,500 Hz


    - Dimensions (W x H x D):

     - Speaker: 295 x 1310 x 435 mm

     - With stand: 385 x 1340 x 465 mm

    - Weight: 49.8 kg


    - Metal spikes

    - Rubber spikes

  • An Aerodynamic Design

    The aesthetics of a speaker are as important as its sound performance. Heco's La Diva is no exception to this rule. Featuring a sleek and timeless aerodynamic shape, this speaker captivates at first glance. The deep black, coated in genuine piano lacquer, gives it a sober and modern appearance, perfectly suited to all interior styles.

  • High-Quality Components

    To achieve peak sound performance, Heco relies on top-tier components. La Diva makes no compromises. Its 30 mm polyfiber composite dome ensures the reproduction of frequencies above 50 kHz, providing an exceptionally clear sound experience. The midrange speaker, equipped with a powerful AlNiCo magnet, guarantees unmatched dynamics and resilience.

  • A Balanced and Powerful Speaker System

    The Diva speaker stands out for its power and acoustic balance. Equipped with two bass speakers with 32 mm oscillating coils and four passive radiators, it delivers deep, punchy bass down to the subsonic range. This ability to reproduce the entire frequency spectrum makes it an ideal choice for the most demanding audiophiles.

  • Robustness and Excellence in Construction

    Beyond sound performance, durability and build quality are essential criteria. La Diva excels in this area as well. Its solid cabinet, combined with a massive aluminum base plate, protective cross braces, and die-cast baskets, ensures exceptional longevity and optimal protection of the internal components.

  • Personalization of the Sound Experience

    Every listener has specific sound preferences. Heco understands this well and offers an adjustment of the tweeter and midrange with a variation of 2dB. Additionally, the Tri-Wiring option allows for customizable wiring according to individual needs, providing an advanced level of sound experience personalization.

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