Fengmi Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector R1

Fengmi Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector R1


Fengmi Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector R1... 1 year warranty


For users seeking a large screen, a projector is definitely the best choice compared to a traditional TV, both in terms of price and portability.


At the same size, projectors without a screen are often several times cheaper than TVs, so you can get the shock and immersion of giant screen viewing without spending too much money. If you have the need to move your viewing area frequently, an easy-to-carry projector is definitely the first choice, lightweight enough that you don’t have to worry about damaging your screen when you move it, and even small enough that your backpack can easily take it away.

Traditional projectors have gone through years of iterations, but their core upgrades are just two points, one is the light source, the second is the projection ratio.


The light source is actually similar to the screen panel of a TV, and the picture quality of the projector is closely related. Among the three light sources currently used in projectors: bulbs, LED lights and lasers, lasers are the most perfect choice for comprehensive picture effects, brightness and longevity.


The projection ratio is a matter of daily projector use. The traditional telephoto projector (projection ratio 1.2:1) can project 100 inches at a distance of at least 2.5 meters, without the pain of being blocked; while the ultra-short focal length can project a 100-inch image by simply placing it near the wall, making the placement and wiring equipment more flexible.


Laser + ultra short focal length, is currently the most perfect combination of consumer projection, both laser and ultra short focal length of the excellent design, basically monopolizing the high-end market of home projection.


The Fengmi R1 ultra-short-throw laser projector offers a unique laser + ultra-short-throw solution in the mid-range price range, and it is without a doubt the best choice for the pursuit of high quality ultra-short-throw projection in the civilian price range today.


With a resolution of 1080P, the loss of detail at 100″ projection, at normal viewing distances can be minimal. In addition, it has a high-end MediaTek chip, AI screen optimization, motion complementary frame, 3GB + 16GB of memory and many other advantages added to the picture quality and experience are impeccable.


  • Product Details

    • Features

      - Standard resolution: 1080P
      - Light source technology: ALPD
      - Gamut: 110% ReC.709
      - Contrast ratio: 3000:1

    • Specification

      Projection ratio (TR): 0.33:1
      Projectable size: 50-200''
      Motion Compensation: Support
      Far field voice: support
      Lens Focus: Electric Focus
      Trapezoid correction: eight-point correction
      CPU: MTK MT9669
      RAM: 3GB DDR4
      ROM: 16GB EMMC
      OS: FengOS/Android
      Android Systme: Android P
      WiFi: 802.11ac.2.4G/5G 2T2R
      Bluetooth: BT5.0
      Smart home: support Mijia
      Sound effects: DTS-HD, Dolby audio
      Speaker power: 2x10W
      Power input: 19V/7.9A
      Safe eye protection: human sensing detection
      Laser safety level: CLASS 2
      Remote control: Bluetooth voice remote control
      Product size: 304*304*99mm
      Product weight: 3.9kg
      Product color: silver grey
      Total power consumption: <150.1W
      Standby power consumption: <0.5W

    • Package content

      1 x Formovie Fengmi R1 projector 
      1 x remote control 
      1 x user manual
      1 x Warranty card

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