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Elipson WM Multiroom WiiM mini (WiFi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth 5.1)

Elipson WM Multiroom WiiM mini (WiFi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth 5.1)

SKU: 3700795193082

Elipson WM Multiroom WiiM mini (WiFi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth 5.1)... 1 year warranty


Ideal for converting a classic audio system into a connected system, the WM Multiroom WiiM mini is an extremely versatile small network player. It will allow you to stream your music remotely via WiFi, Airplay 2 or Bluetooth 5.1.


Description : 



AirPlay 2

WM Multiroom WiiM mini supports the Apple AirPlay2 wireless transmission protocol, not only allowing you to easily stream your music from an Apple device, but also to stream your music to multiple audio devices at the same time.


Works with your voice assistant

Also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri voice assistants. You can easily control your network drive via your voice assistant.



The product is built-in multiroom function lets you stream your music throughout your home, using 3 different operating modes. In the case of use with an Apple product, you can use Airplay 2 to set up your multiroom system. If you use an Amazon product, then you can take advantage of AVS Multiroom technology. Finally, WM Multiroom WiiM mini also provides an application allowing you to easily control your multiroom installation from your smartphone.


Elipson Multiroom App

WM Multiroom WiiM mini offers its free Elipson Multiroom mobile application, for iOS and Android, allowing you to easily control all of your Elipson devices connected to your network.


Multiple audio sources

WM Multiroom is compatible with many streaming services and web radios, such as Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music or TuneIn. You can enjoy your favorite music services and stream them wirelessly to your audio system. Moreover, if you want to connect other audio devices to your WM multiroom, it includes an auxiliary input.


    Cross talk

    • Line in to line out: -106dB
    • Bluetooth to line out: -107dB
    • Line in to SPDIF out: -103dB
    • Bluetooth to SPDIF out: -364dB

    Dynamic range

    • Line in to line out: 96dB
    • Bluetooth to line out: 121dB
    • Line in to SPDIF out: 97dB
    • Bluetooth to SPDIF out: 213dB

    Supported audio codecs


    Streaming services, web radios and compatible protocols

    • Spotify
    • Deezer
    • Qobuz
    • Amazon Music
    • Tidal
    • pandora
    • Napster
    • AppleMusic
    • TuneIn
    • iHeartRadio
    • LinkPlay Radio
    • Spotify Connect
    • Tidal Connect

    Compatible voice assistants

    • Alexa
    • Siri

    DIMENSIONS : W x H x D: 69 × 69 × 24mm

    WEIGHT : 40g


    • USB-A to USB-C cable
    • Stereo RCA to 3.5 mm jack cable
    • 3.5mm jack cable
    • Toslink Optical Cable
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